Performance & Benefits

Strong Adhesion

Olympeaks by Novacel is a perfect match for protecting all types of Rough, Mat and Wrinkled substrates.

All Olympeaks grades provide perfect adhesive capacity for the required tack level and shape capacity to match later production processes.

Product Film with Olympeaks
  • Perfect adhesion after lamination and bending processes
  • Optimal protection behavior (no tunnels, no bubbles, no creases)
  • No lift-up. Preserves formed painted metals right up to installation
Film without Olympeaks
  • Low adhesion during and after lamination onto the surface
  • Lifts up right after bending process. No adhesion after 24 hours
  • Olympeaks by Novacel can be removed and repositioned in one piece

Reliable Protection

Olympeaks by Novacel preserves the integrity of your surface during all transformational processes

Olympeaks by Novacel withstands all types of transformations to facilitate your production process.

Olympeaks building process
  • For resistance to Mechanical operations such as:
         - Roll forming
         - Embossing
         - Stamping
         - Bending
         - Punching
  • For Thermal operations: supports foaming processes for:
    - Insulated panels (PIR/PUR/Mineral wool)
    - Aluminum composite panels

High Performance

Olympeaks by Novacel offers you genuine guaranteed outdoor resistance worldwide

Olympeaks will give you real peace of mind!

Novacel Olympeaks: Provides security thanks to a combination of UV and humidity resistance
Olympeaks provides security thanks to a combination of UV and humidity resistance


Cut your quality costs thanks to Olympeaks:

Olympeaks by Novacel Transparent Films improve the esthetics of your products : enhance the flatness of your insulated panels.

Olympeaks by Novacel ensures easy identification of the different colored surfaces and finishes.

Olympeaks by Novacel enables quality control during and at the end of the production process, providing total control over damage to surfaces.

Novacel Olympeaks: Improves esthetic appearance
ImproveD estheticS
Novacel Olympeaks: Easy identification & control
Easy identification & control


Development of innovative adhesive technology to match requirements.

Specific film backing technology provides support for the various market processing operations.

Low unwinding and perfect lamination with no elongation for acrylic products.

Novacel Olympeaks: Low unwinding and perfect lamination without elongation for the acrylic products