Why Olympeaks?


The use of precoated metal is increasingly frequent, offering endless possibilities for color and a wide range of types of structures to provide a perfect response to architects’ desires. Seeking market differentiation, paint manufacturers are promoting their latest innovations such as more “rough & textured” surfaces that have the look & feel of natural materials such as stone, wood, minerals and tiles.

The precoated metals industry can offer many commodity films, but none is capable of providing really secure protection for these top-of-the-line painted surfaces!

With 60 years’ experience of the production of technical protective films, Novacel has developed an exclusive solution for this market:  Olympeaks by Novacel

The High-Adhesion films for Mat, Rough & Wrinkle-Effect precoated metals.

A range of exclusive solutions designed in partnership with paint manufacturers and coil coaters.

Fully adapted to Liquid as well as for Powder coatings technologies.



Olympeaks = TechniciTY

What to expect from Olympeaks grades ?

35 µm - clear transparent
45 µm - clear transparent
105 µm - grey/black
38 µm - clear transparent
44 µm - clear transparent
83 µm - clear transparent
78 µm - clear transparent

Every Olympeaks film is matched perfectly to the surface to be protected!

All our clear transparent solutions provide genuine guaranteed outdoor resistance worldwide!

Your surface Reference Film Total Thickness Outdoor resistance worldwide
Wrinkled Olympeaks 9384 clear transparent 83 µm 3 months
Rough Olympeaks 9138 clear transparent 78 µm 3 months
Metallized, Mat grained Olympeaks 9371 clear transparent 35 µm 3 months
Olympeaks 9383 clear transparent 45 µm 3 months
Olympeaks 4273 grey/black 105 µm 6 months
Olympeaks 4857 clear transparent 38 µm 3 months
Olympeaks 4867 clear transparent 44 µm 3 months

Olympeaks films are High-Adhesion grades totally suited to both painted steel and painted aluminium.